Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer in Baltimore - 2017

Aug 13 thru Aug 18

--Blogpost written by Bob

This is our last week in Baltimore before our two-week haulout for annual maintenance.  I'm trying to wrap up a few small projects this week.  Rather than make this blogpost a day-by-day running commentary on this week, I have simply pulled together some of the happenings for the week.

Maggie thought that our navigation station
needed a little more whimsy.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer in Baltimore - 2017

Aug 7 thru Aug 12

--Blogpost written by Bob

Today (Monday, August 7) was a rainy day--the kind I really like.  It rained lightly all day (and into the night).  Consequently, it was a relaxing day.  I spent most of the day in Annapolis doing various errands (liquor store, grocery store, hardware store, Italian Market for lunch, and a gas station, to name a few of my stops).

During my travels today I discovered the runaway eggplant that got loose in the car and rolled under the passenger seat about a week ago.  In one of my stops today it must have rolled back out, revealing itself.  This eggplant was the subject of several discussions between Maggie and I, with her claims that she put it in the fridge and my claims that it was nowhere to be found in the fridge.  The eggplant blended in with the color of the interior of our car and was perfectly silent the entire time.


The rain cleared up today (Tuesday, August 8) but it remained cool and will remain cool for the next five days!  This is quite a break from the typical 95-degree/90% humidity Baltimore summer weather!

We have a great weather forecast for the next several days.  This
image was taken from my Weather Underground app.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer in Baltimore - 2017

Aug 1 thru Aug 6

--Blogpost written by Bob

Upon reflection of our recent road trip to Maine, we both agreed that Maine is beautiful and has perfect summer weather (virtually no humidity and rarely reaching 80 degrees).  A statement that our friend, Tom, made while we were there sticks in my mind--he said, "Almost no one lives aboard boats here (meaning in marinas)."  So, Maine seems to have great cruising grounds but poor liveaboard marinas (unless they are in Portland which we did not visit on this trip).  In the marina where he & Karen live aboard in Rockland, the marina charges them $1.75 for each use of the shower in addition to very high slip fees (for a very short 3-month season--mid-June to mid-September).

A marina in Belfast, Maine.  Slips seem to be primarily
for transient boats or boats kept on moorings 

that come in just to load and unload.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Road Trip to Maine - 2017

Lubec Maine to Baltimore MD

--Blogpost written by Bob

The morning fog is slowly lifting in Lubec. Maine.  The seagull's cries echo across the harbor.  We decided to venture into town this morning (Friday, July 28) but there is not a lot to see.  Certainly the town's heyday is long since gone.

The fog was lifting from Lubec's harbor on Friday morning.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Road Trip to Maine - 2017

Baltimore Maryland to Lubec Maine

--Blogpost written by Bob

After dropping off our two cats at the Pet Boarding Resort at 7:30 AM we hit the road for Maine.  We drove around Baltimore and northward through Pennsylvania and into the state of New York, completely bypassing New Jersey and New York City.  We experienced several delays due to rush hour traffic (around Baltimore), an accident or two, and road construction.  We finally reached Freeport Maine at about 8 PM on Monday evening, July 24.  The outside temperature when we arrived in Maine was in the high 50's--quite a change from the heat and humidity of Baltimore!  After the exhausting travel day, we had no problem sleeping in our hotel bed through the night.

In the morning, we went into Freeport, had breakfast, and went into the large L.L.Bean store which is open 24 hours a day.  We also shopped in the Patagonia store and the J. Crew outlet store but the best of all was the Sperry outlet store--we both bought new boat shoes.  After a nice lunch in town we left for Bar Harbor via Route 1 (the coastal highway).  Our 1950's vintage motel (my mistake in selecting lodging!) was a few miles outside Bar Harbor.  We drove into Bar Harbor after checking in to pick up a bottle of vodka and were amazed by the crowds of tourists--Bar Harbor is certainly not a sleepy little coastal town as I previously thought it was.

The harbor at Bar Harbor, Maine.