Wednesday, July 18, 2018

2018 Haulout in Galesville

July 14 thru July 18

--Blogpost written by Bob

Saturday, July 14

We spent the day relaxing with my sister, Barbara, and her husband, Fred.  We drove to Annapolis for lunch at Carrol's Creek Cafe and had ice cream downtown at Storm Brothers.  We didn't do a bit of boat work today.  In fact, one of the most memorable parts of the day was simply sitting at the marina's picnic tables by the West River accompanied by a a glass of wine and a nice cool breeze.

Private piers line the shore of the West
River near Hartge Yacht Harbor.

Our view of the West River anchorage,
across the river from Pirate's Cove.

Friday, July 13, 2018

2018 Haulout in Galesville

July 10 thru July 13

—Blogpost written by Bob

Tuesday, July 10

This is our second day of our annual maintenance haulout. I’m always glad to be through the first (and most hectic) day of the haulout! (I spent most of yesterday with our boat as the mast was lifted out and the boat was hauled out of the water.)

Staying in the cottage while our boat is hauled out has been great! We have grilled our dinner on the marina’s gas grills and eaten outside at the picnic tables overlooking the West River for the past two nights and will probably continue that for as long as the nice weather holds.

A model sailing ship in the window of the
cottage in the early morning of July 10.

It took a little while for Lola, our new Maine Coon kitten, to adapt to a different place but this is all part of her learning curve in adapting to different environments. (We want to take her on a few short car rides during these two weeks to teach her that there’s nothing to fear in the car.)  This morning, she was laying in the bathtub.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Baltimore to Galesville

July 7 thru Jul 9

—Blogpost written by Bob

Saturday, July 7

We were up early and prepared our boat for the 6-hour trip to Galesville for our boat’s haulout.  My friend, Bill, arrived about an hour early to make the trip with us. The weather was very cool and there was a nice breeze (10 to 12 knots out of the north) as we made our way out the Potapsco River toward the Chesapeake Bay.  As soon as we got out of the marina (about 9:30 AM), I could tell that we had a lot of barnacles on our propeller because we couldn’t achieve our normal boat speed—in fact, far from it. We could only make 4.5 knots, 2 knots less than normal plus I couldn’t achieve over about 1700 RPMs in engine speed.  I’ve never had barnacle growth this bad previously. (We couldn’t do much to correct the barnacle accumulation because we didn’t have our snorkel gear with us.  Later, we learned we actually did have it with us.)

The wind became lighter and more variable as the day progressed. We motor-sailed (with mainsail and jib) the entire trip to Galesville and arrived at about 4:30 PM—it took us about 7 hours.  After arriving at Hartge Yacht Yard, we made several trips between Hartge Yacht Yard and Hartge Yacht Harbor in our car carrying mostly clothing, food, and cat paraphernalia.  Dinner at Pirates’s Cove, a popular Galesville restaurant was the last thing on our agenda for the day!

Sunday , July 8

We slept like babies in the guest house.  The Hartge Guest House is perfectly imperfect. The furniture doesn’t match and the fixtures are old but it is very comfortable.

The Hartge Guest House is perfectly imperfect. The
furniture doesn’t match and the fixtures
are old but it is very comfortable.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Week Before Haulout

June 30 thru July 6

—Blogpost written by Bob

Saturday, June 30

Maggie was visiting family in northern NJ today. If our car were here I would have been demonstrating in Washington DC with hundreds of thousands of others for the reunification of the separated immigrant families. I didn’t know about the demonstrations in advance or I would have made other arrangements to be there but I was there in spirit for sure.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Last Few Pre-Haulout Loose Ends

June 26 thru June 29

—Blogpost written by Bob

Saturday, June 26

It is overcast again today.  It rained last night and scattered thunderstorms are expected this afternoon.  Yesterday, during a break in the rain, I took our forepeak tent down and temporarily repositioned it over the companionway coaming forward of the dodger.

Yesterday I repositioned our forepeak tent to 
cover the companionway coaming to see 
if the rainwater leakage stopped.

There were no signs of leakage this morning after it rained last night.  So, I believe that this little experiment confirms that the leak is coming from the companionway coaming.  We intend to remove the coaming on Monday morning and see what we can find.