Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter in Charleston

Jan 16 thru Jan 19

—Blogpost written by Bob

Wednesday, January 16

Today was an absolutely beautiful sunny day with the high temperature reaching close to 60 degrees F. The current warming trend is expected to continue through the remainder of the week.

After my morning shower and a light breakfast onboard I corrected some typing errors in my last blogpost that was just published last night. I made a cup of coffee and sat out in the cockpit while I read the morning’s news on my iPad. (This has become my normal morning routine here in Charleston.)

In our enclosed cockpit it is 10 to 15 degrees warmer than it is outside. It is very comfortable here in the cockpit (maybe 70 degrees) while still somewhat chilly (mid 50’s) outside. The cats are out here with me, keeping me company.

Captain Jack scratches behind his ear with
his rear foot. Wouldn’t it be nice if
we were that flexible?

Since I’m at a temporary standstill on the wiring of the autopilot remote control I decided to work on the software upgrade to my chart plotter.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Winter in Charleston

Jan 12 thru Jan 15

—Blogpost written by Bob

Saturday, January 12

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning at seven that peaked out from under the heavy blanket of clouds. It is now almost 10 in the morning and the sky is completely overcast and the outside temperature is in the mid-40’s. If it were colder, it would certainly look like snow was on the way.  Having grown up on the east coast, I know what oncoming snow looks like.

Sometimes here in Charleston it seems like
we are a pair of slugs, waking up only
to start our trek to our next meal.

At 11:30 AM we started out on our bikes on our 1.5-mile trek into town for lunch.  We went out for lunch at our favorite pizza restaurant, Mellow Mushroom.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Winter in Charleston

Jan 7 thru Jan 11

—Blogpost written by Bob

Monday, January 7

The sky in clear and the sun is shining brightly as we head into a day with the high temperature expected to reach 70 degrees!  At 9 AM it is already in the mid-50's outside.   Today is the beginning of our sixth week at Charleston City Marina in Charleston, South Carolina.


The seventh is a special day of the month for 
us.  I was born on March 7 and Maggie 
came into the world on September 7.  
Lola, our Maine Coon kitten, first 
saw the light of day on 
November 7.


This morning we woke up to the (disgusting) essence of explosive cat diarrhea.  Captain Jack, at age 15 (which is like a 100 in people years), has been having digestive issues for the past year now.  I don't think he is going to live much longer.  Of course, Lola walked in the litter box where the mess resided and she tracked it all over the boat.  Never a dull moment in and around s/v Rainy Days...don't worry I have no photographs of this--you will have to use your imagination.

Lola is not the one with the digestive issues
but she is guilty of distributing this
morning's mess all over the
boat on her fuzzy paws,

Monday, January 7, 2019

Winter in Charleston

Jan 3 thru Jan 6

—Blogpost written by Bob

Thursday, January 3

I don't think my last two blogposts were actually sent to subscribers by email--it must be a glitch of some type in Google's blogger.  If you missed them, my recent blogposts can be accessed at

Charleston City Marina sits out in the
Ashley River and is connected to
land by a long floating pier.

Today began warm and sunny and then the clouds came in and there was a brief shower during lunchtime.  It stayed warm (70's) all day but the clouds became thicker as the day progressed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Winter in Charleston

Dec 28 thru Jan 2

--Blogpost written by Bob

Friday, December 28

Ever since I retired, Fridays just don't seem the same--they used to signal the end of the work week.  Now, there is no work week.  


At 10:30 AM the outside temperature is already a whopping 73 degrees!  The sky is still overcast but the sun is breaking through the clouds at times.  According to the weather forecast, we may experience a stray rain shower sometime during the day, most likely late in the afternoon.  

Near lunchtime the rain was still a threat. We had planned to go out for lunch (using our bikes for transportation) but instead opted to have leftover turkey for lunch onboard.  This was probably best for our health and our pocketbook. (Tomorrow, we plan to take the courtesy van to Harris Teeter and get some groceries--our big day out.)

One more photo of Rainbow Row
from a couple days ago.