Thursday, March 22, 2018

Green Turtle Cay

Mar 22

--Blogpost written by Bob

Thursday, March 22

Lizzie died this morning (of congestive heart failure) as I held her in the vet's office in Marsh Harbour.  They tried everything to save her life but in the end, nothing worked.  I can't believe that we lost such a sweet cat and at such a young age.

Lizzie's last photograph in the vet's
office in Marsh Harbour.

I'm going to discontinue this blog for a while...until later...

Thanks for following our blog!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Green Turtle Cay

Mar 20 & Mar 21

--Blogpost written by Bob

Tuesday, March 20

The clouds that came through during the night are beginning to dissipate as the sun comes up this morning. The 10-knot wind is out of the southwest but it is predicted to clock around to the northwest tomorrow (and a couple days thereafter) and get a lot stronger when another cold front comes through this area. We are watching weather patterns for crossing the Gulf Stream back to Florida. There is a nice weather window on Saturday (3/24) and Sunday (3/25) but it is too early for us to leave. When we see a similar weather window in early April we will probably take full advantage of it.

Just another beautiful day in paradise...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Marsh Harbour to Green Turtle Cay

Mar 18 & Mar 19

—Blogpost written by Bob

Sunday, March 18

Last night, we went out to “Steak Out” at the Jib Room at the Marsh Harbour Marina—it was absolutely delicious as usual. This (rooster-less) location of Marsh Harbour enabled another night of restful sleep.

This morning, the sun is shining brightly (again) and there are a number of puffy white cumulus clouds that populate in the sky. A 10-knot breeze is blowing from the west, occasionally gusting to 15 knots, despite the general forecast of light and variable winds. The anchorage in Marsh Harbour is not very crowded at this time (31 boats at anchor) since a lot of boats are probably moving around the Abacos, taking advantage of the nice weather.

The water is very green colored here in Marsh Harbour.
Marsh Harbour Marina is in the background
on the left side of this image.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Solar Panels Start Fire on Sailboat!

--Blogpost written by Bob

At approximately 12:30 PM on March 17, 2018, people in the restaurant in Marsh Harbor's Jib Room noticed that a bimini on a sailboat at the end of the dock had caught fire.  Six or 8 people ran out with fire extinguishers and water hoses to extinguish the blaze--it was extinguished very quickly.  The following photographs document what I observed after the fire was already extinguished.  I saw the blaze from the restaurant and went out to help extinguish the fire.  I returned to the restaurant to get a cell phone so that I could take the following photographs.

Fire damage viewed from astern of s/v Wildflower III,
a Beneteau 41.1.  No one was aboard
when the fire started.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbour

Mar 16 & Mar 17

—Blogpost written by Bob

Friday, March 16

We left our mooring in Black Sound on Green Turtle Cay early this morning at 7:20 AM and went through the very benign conditions in the Whale Cay Passage about an hour thereafter. There were some long shallow swells coming in from the ocean but it was not at all rough. The wind was light and variable.

Whale Cay is uninhabited and there is a long shallow
sand bar on the Sea of Abaco side of the cay 

that prevents most boat’s from transiting 
through—most sailboat’s like ours have 
to go around the outside.

As we came into the Sea of Abaco through the Loggerhead Channel, we motored past Great Guana Cay on our port side (where there is a lot of ongoing development at Baker’s Bay) and little Foots Cay on our starboard (which is currently for sale for $16 million). We, then, passed the highly developed Scotland Cay before reaching Man-O-War Cay.