Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Man-O-War to Little Harbour - 2017

--Blogpost written by Bob

We filled up with diesel fuel and fresh water (including our two spare water jugs) at Man-O-War Marina yesterday, knowing that Little Harbour has no facilities for cruisers.  We spent last night at anchor in Fanny Bay at the north end of Man-O-War Cay.  We left our anchorage at 7:30 AM on Monday, March 27.  The winds were still quite strong and we left so early that we couldn't really read the depths of the water by the color--so, we navigated mostly by instruments.  The route to Little Harbor is a circuitous 22 miles, possibly only 15 miles as the seagull flies.  We had planned our trip around an 11:05 AM high tide at Little Harbor.  As we were leaving the anchorage, we noticed that the water depth was considerably higher than when we anchored last night.  As we got underway, I rechecked my tidal charts and realized that I used the month of May--not the month of March as I should have.  Whoops!

As we got close to the North Bar Channel, we motored through large (10 to 12 foot) ocean swells of beautiful turquoise water.  The sustained 15-knot winds from the northeast over the past several days created the energy to maintain these large swells.  The large swells just lifted Rainy Days up and the gently lowered her into the troughs.

After realizing my "high-tide timing" error, I estimated our arrival time (roughly 11 AM) and determined that it would be mid-tide and dropping when we arrived at Little Harbour.  We considered anchorages along Lanyard Cay to wait out the tide situation but decided, instead, to try make it over the sand bar at the entrance to Little Harbour.  We just made it with about 6 inches to spare!  Once over the sand bar we picked up a mooring buoy in 13 feet of water.

This photo shows us safely moored in Little Harbor.  It is protected
from winds in any direction and is between 10 and 14 feet
deep once passed the sand bar at the entrance.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Man-O-War Cay - 2017

Mar 24 Thru Mar 26

--Blogpost written by Bob

Last night was rough sleeping because of the boat motion caused by the high wind.  This morning, Friday, March 24, the sky is still partially overcast and the wind is still strong.  The wind makes a howling noise as is passes by the mast and rigging.  The flag halyard makes a whipping sound because there is a little too much slack in it.  This cold front is expected to stay with us through Saturday, keeping us tied to our mooring ball until Sunday morning.

We doubled our lines to the big pink mooring ball last
night--it allowed us to sleep much better.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Man-O-War Cay - 2017

Mar 22 & Mar 23

--Blogpost written by Bob

This blogpost is about our stay on Man-O-War Cay that has been extended due to a cold front coming through the Abacos.   Here in the Bahamas, the weather determines when and where you move among the cays.  It looks like we won't be moving until Sunday.

This photograph was taken of the mooring field
looking north in the calm morning.

Today is Wednesday, March 22, and it's another beautiful day in paradise!  We have to visit the bank today to get some more cash--everything is more expensive in paradise.  The bank here on Man-O-War is only open on Wednesday between 10 AM and 2 PM--4 hours a week.

The bank here on Man-O-War Cay is only open on Wednesday
between 10 AM and 2 PM.  I wonder if they have an
armored boat that brings in the cash?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Marsh Harbour to Man-O-War - 2017

--Blogpost written by Bob

We took our propane tank into town by 9 AM (Monday, March 20) to get it refilled.  Knowing it will be back (and filled) by noon allows us to make the short trip to Man-O-War Cay this afternoon.

For many reasons it is very difficult to leave Marsh Harbour.  However, we will be coming back frequently as we use Marsh Harbour as our base of operation for the next 6 weeks or so while we are in the Abacos.

This is a beautiful house on the northwest point of the peninsula
extending out from Marsh Harbour.  Through the
little opening is Fanny Bay.

We pulled up anchor in Marsh Harbour at 12:15 PM and headed east toward Man-O-War Cay.  We arrived at Man -O-War Cay at 1:30 PM, an hour and 15 minutes later.

This is the entrance to the harbor.  A turn to port puts you in Man-O-War
Harbour while a turn to starboard puts you in East Harbour.
The entrance was probably 100 feet wide.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Marsh Harbour - 2017

Mar 17 thru Mar 19

--Blogpost written by Bob

Today is St. Patrick's Day, Friday, March 17 and it is cool with overcast skies here in Marsh Harbour.  After listening to the Cruiser's Net, we took the dinghy into the dinghy dock and walked to the Golden Grouper Restaurant for breakfast--it was only the second time eating breakfast out since coming to the Bahamas.  (The Golden Grouper is one of only a few restaurants that serve breakfast here and it is where the locals go.).  Then we made a quick trip to Maxwell's Supermarket for a couple items and back to the boat.

In this portrait Lizzie looks like we feel--like
we don't have a care in the  world.