Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Fuel Tank Arrived!

--Blog post written by Bob

We've had very unusual warm weather this weekend (70 degrees F), as you can see by the photo of the Santa Parade in Annapolis…

A small segment of the Santa Parade in Annapolis on December 21, 2013.
The weather was unusually warm for December--75 degrees F!

The new fuel tank has finally arrived.  I'm glad I had it shipped directly to the boatyard because it would have been too big for me to handle easily in my car and I would have had to detach it from the skid in front of my house.  The special corrosion-resistant coating looks great!  The fill connection and vent connection protrude from the tank at one corner--it probably would have been a good idea to make the connections shorter for ease of installation.  In the photograph (below) the upper surface is actually the forward vertical surface as it is mounted in the boat. The large flat surface on the right of the photo is actually the top of the tank.

Prior to shipment, the new tank was leak tested by using air at 5 PSIG and using a soapy solution on the outside to locate any leaks.  This will assure us that the new tank does not have any pinhole leaks at the welds.

The new 32-gallon fuel tank was manufactured by
Florida Marine Tanks in Henderson, NC

Now, our boat is waiting for available manpower at the boatyard.  At this time, the work is scheduled to start on the first business day of 2014.  We've lost a couple weeks because of heavy late-season (winterizing) workload and the approaching holidays.

Rainy Days waiting for attention
in mid-December at Hartge's Yacht Yard
in Galesville, MD. All systems have been winterized.

I really hope that the tank can be installed somewhat easily!  Another Landfall 38 owner in Toronto recently told me that he had to replace the single tank with two slightly smaller tanks that straddle the centerline of the boat-- the result was 50 gallons of tankage (a big plus for cruising).  If we can't get the tank in place by removing some cabinetry and part of a bulkhead, the engine will have to be removed and reinstalled--this means 4 days of added work (y mucho dinero).

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