Sunday, February 9, 2014

Adjusting to the End of our Careers

--Blog post written by Maggie & Bob

This blog post is presented as a discussion between Maggie and I, with our slightly different viewpoints on the subject.  Neither one of us seem to be able to adjust to getting older.  This discussion took place over a couple dinners at the Mexican Cafe (on Margarita Mondays) in Annapolis and, yes, margaritas were involved.  

Maggie and I at the Mexican Cafe in Annapolis

Bob:  I'm certainly not adjusted yet but I feel like it is possible now at least.  My career will end first--in just 2 years.  I'm older than Maggie by 4-1/2 years.  I'm feeling older but maybe not 66.  A year or two ago, I got tired of looking at my gray hair and balding head--so, I shaved my head.  It was quite a change at first but now seems quite normal.  It was one of the many adjustments I will probably make during my aging process.  I think adjusting to the end of my career will be easier than adjusting to getting older.

Maggie:  I definitely haven't made peace with the aging process.  Bob shaved his head. Since that is not a viable option for me, I color my hair....blonde. I like it when people act surprised when I tell them my age, and with gray hair I don't think that would happen.  Retirement is another story.  Although I'm tired of getting up at 5:30 and going to work everyday, the idea of retirement is a little scary.  In my career I've been an educator and a mother, both very demanding jobs.  I guess I'm just afraid of not feeling needed and useful.

Bob:  I have noticed that I am more careful about normal physical activities than I was in the past.  I mean with physical activities like jumping from the boat to the dock or climbing ladders.  I'm not sure why this extra level of care is needed now--I have never broken a bone in my body.  Within the past several years I have been diagnosed as diabetic and the condition is being well controlled by medication and diet but it is still another (though invisible) sign of aging.  Health is a concern for me.

Maggie:  Several years ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid.  Since both of my parents died of cancer (lung and prostate) the "C" word raises much apprehension in my family.  Fortunately, thyroid cancer is easily treated with surgery and then medication.  I have been cancer free ever since my surgery.  I have to have check ups twice a year and sonograms yearly, but I am fine.  Also, my eyesight has been bad since I was 8.  Recently, I experienced flashes of light and floaters in my left eye.  I went to the opthomologist  and was diagnosed with a lesion in the vitreous layer of my eye. The cause, of course, is age.

Maggie trying out her new foul weather gear.
This was taken at Annapolis Landing Marina,
where we previous kept our boat.
Bob:  One of the things I worry most about retirement is money.  I have always had a relatively good income--nowhere near the top one or two percent, but good.  I have accumulated an average sum of money for retirement in my 401k and, of course, I will be taking social security at the age of 70 (at a higher rate than one would receive than if I had started at 65).  I am not sure that I can sell my business--so, I'm not counting on any income from that.  We will have rental income from our house in Annapolis.  I hope that money will not be an issue for us as we get older but it IS a concern of mine.

Maggie: Since marrying Bob, money has been less of an issue for me than at any other time in my adult life. Retirement will definitely require a more budget conscious lifestyle, but I have always been good at making do with what I have.  It can become a sort of a game with a victory when I find bargains or make a great meal with limited ingredients.  All that aside, the money thing is worrisome. I definitely won't be clothes shopping as frequently as I am now. 

Bob:  With respect to spending money,  I think it will be easier to save money while cruising during the winter in the Bahamas than it will be while spending summers here in Annapolis.  But reducing our spending will be an adjustment for both of us.  It is probably a good idea for both of us to start adjusting to spending less money now, before it is a real issue for us.  

By the way, who's paying for all these margaritas?

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