Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Glimpses of Green Turtle Cay - 2017

--Blogpost written by Bob

This blogpost contains some of my photographs of Green Turtle Cay that didn't fit into our regular blogposts about our experiences on the island.

Not everything is Green Turtle Cay is perfect but most of the
homes are well kept and painted bright colors.  This
is the road from the marina into New Plymouth.

A small courtyard between homes along Bay Street.
The colors of the homes blend together
like water colors.

The salt air certainly takes its toll on everything, particularly this
Toyota pick up truck sitting tin the marina grounds.

The end of Parliament Street is at the government dock
where the mailboat brings everything to the island.

This is the grocery store cat.  At this point, he has already been 
fed twice but he waits in front of the door for more food.

A very picturesque pink cottage (called Salty Dog) 
with a blue door.

This is the sign over the door to Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar.
As the sign says, it is "home of the world
famous Goombay Smash."

The friendly bartender at Pineapple's Bar & Grill.

A fisherman works on his outboard motor in the harbor.

Our first glimpse of the ocean beach on Green Turtle Cay.

Looking out over the Sea of Abaco from Green Turtle Cay.

A lone catamaran anchored on the Sea of Abaco.

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