Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hope Town - 2017

Apr 14 & Apr 15

--Blogpost written by Bob

We were awoken again last night by a brief downpour.  At the first sign of oncoming rain, I was up closing hatches.  In the morning (Friday, April 14th), the strong north winds were blowing the clouds away and the sun was out full force.   Nights in the low 70's and days in the low 80's seem to be typical weather patterns here in the Abacos, at least this time of year.

This is Easter weekend and there is one church in Hope
Town--a very small, but substantially constructed,
Methodist church located so that the
doors open toward the ocean.

This morning I used the very last of my sugar-free maple syrup with breakfast.  It is difficult to find "sugar-free" grocery items here, even diet soft drinks are limited (only diet Coke and diet ginger ale are readily available.).  

Next year, we need to bring MORE sugar-free
maple syrup and LESS rum!

When provisioning for next season, we really have to focus on items that can't be obtained here rather than items (like almost everything) that simply cost more here.  Rum is cheaper here--probably cheaper than canned pineapple juice.

We had a great lunch at the Hope Town Inn & Marina and afterward did more exploring both by dinghy and on foot.

An inviting path to the ocean beach.

The beach on the ocean side of Elbow Cay is simply stunning!

A fisherman's net lays on the dock on Good Friday.
The fisherman and the fish get a holiday!

Aluminum cans are recycled in Hope Town. This bundle of used
aluminum cans is located by the Hope Town
school across from Sunshine Park.


Today is Saturday, April 15th.  One of my new year's resolutions was to be more creative with my blog.  While some of my photographs can be considered creative, they really don't stretch the limits of my creativity.  So, today's blogpost is a poem that I created with lines consisting of only two words, the second and fourth lines of each verse rhyme, and the verses have a rhythm of down, up, down, up, down.

Out Islands

Coconut rum
Palm trees
Relaxed culture
Mooring fees.

Turquoise water
Church bells
Easterly winds
Ocean swells.

Colorful fish
Lively reefs
Conch shells
Barracuda teeth.

Flip flops
Salty air
Sandy feet
Beach chair.

Golf carts
Island reasons
Albury skiffs
Hurricane season.


We'll be in Hope Town until Wednesday, unless we extend our time here further.  Stay tuned for more our our Abacos adventures...

Thanks for following our blog!

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