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Little Harbour - 2017

Mar 31 & Apr 1

--Blogpost written by Bob

This morning (Friday, March 31) here in the Little Harbour, we are experiencing 15 knots of wind out of the south, the solar panels are already producing 6 amps at 9:30 in the morning.  (The wind prediction for today was 10 to 20 knots out of the south--pretty close!). The sun is pretty intense here in the Bahamas.

All the signs around Little Harbour are
hand-painted on driftwood.

This is the path to the ocean from Pete's Pub.

A rain cloud blew over this morning and the
waves on the ocean are rough.

A collection of license plates and
stickers in Pete's Pub

Well, here it is on Friday and we've again talked about delaying our departure from Little Harbour.  The predicted weather and tide conditions for the next 3 days are as follows:

Saturday, April 1 - high tide @ 12:28 PM, wind WSW @ 15 knots
Sunday, April 2 - high tide @ 1:26 PM, wind NNE @ 5 to 10 knots
Monday, April 3 - high tide @ 2:30 PM, wind SE @ 5 to 10 knots

We should leave within +/- 1 hour around high tide and we have about a 3-hour trip to Marsh Harbour.  Monday looks like the best day since we will be traveling north and the wind is from the southeast (and we have already paid for our mooring buoy through Sunday night)--we plan to leave at around 2 PM and arrive in Marsh Harbor at about 5 PM.  We'll see if we delay our departure again.  We just can't seem to leave this place!


A brief rain shower must have passed over us during the night as evidenced by the water droplets on the overhead hatch screens and on the cabin sole.  The outside decks are very wet too this morning (Saturday, April 1).  The cool 5 to 10-knot wind is out of the southwest--a different direction than what we've experienced here up until now.  (In the Chesapeake Bay the prevailing summer wind is from the southwest) 

I had a very strange dream last night and it is also unusual that I remembered it.  In my dream I was a young kid but in some future world where it was fashionable to be armed with a water spray bottle (mine was clear plastic with a red and black spray apparatus) and throughout the day I took every opportunity to spray any outdoor wild plant that appeared to be thirsty.  I remember that it impressed the girls that I had a "plant friend following."  I know it's a strange dream.  Maybe I was feeling the overnight rain shower without waking up.  Also, maybe my worries about having enough fresh water are getting the best of me.  (We have about 50 gallons remaining of the 114 gallons we started with when we arrived here in Little Harbor a little less than a week ago.  We are consuming about 10 gallons per day, most of it, I believe, is used for washing dishes.  The good news is that we are conserving fresh water by using our sun shower--the water is heated by the sun during the day.  We can shower with less than one gallon of water each.)

We attended a Pig Roast at Pete's Pub in the afternoon.  One of the wild boars on the island was harvested for this event.  This reminds me of the setting of the book, Lord of the Flies, which I read when I was young.  I just bought the kindle version to reread while I'm still here in Little Harbour.  How did I get so old?

This is a derelect power boat named Cow Doc that is being
converted to a landlocked residence next to Pete's Pub.

Most of the cottages are on the inland side of
this road along the harbor

We've regularly seen sea turtles (mostly in the late afternoon) here in the harbor--I think they (there are at least two of them) are Loggerheads.  They each surface from time to time but stay about 50 feet away from us.  It is very difficult to get a photo because they surface for only a short duration and without warning.

Since we couldn't get a photograph of a sea turtle, our friendly
fish mouth lizard was pleased to step in
and take the turtle's place.

This is a snapshot of a fish under our boat.  We have to feed
it bread crumbs to come out from around the keel.

This is a shot of the fish where he normally hangs out--where
the keel joins the hull.  It looks like a remora.

It appears that our shaft zinc is missing.

Our friendly sea turtle showed up about 2 hours late for
his portrait--he surfaced within a few
feet of our mooring buoy.


We are currently thinking about leaving Little Harbour tomorrow, Sunday, April 2.  Will we actually leave this paradise?  Stay tuned...

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