Sunday, July 30, 2017

Road Trip to Maine - 2017

Lubec Maine to Baltimore MD

--Blogpost written by Bob

The morning fog is slowly lifting in Lubec. Maine.  The seagull's cries echo across the harbor.  We decided to venture into town this morning (Friday, July 28) but there is not a lot to see.  Certainly the town's heyday is long since gone.

The fog was lifting from Lubec's harbor on Friday morning.

This is downtown Lubec--it is about 2 blocks long.
Half of the buildings are closed down.

The bridge to Canada, which actually lies to the east of Lubec.

The tidal current was very turbid in the Quoddy Narrows.  At one point
there were whirlpools that were 3 and 4 feet deep in the center.

We saw several whales on the boat tour but getting a
good photograph of them was very difficult.

This is the East Quoddy Lighthouse which is actually in Canada.

On Saturday morning we got an early start toward Camden--we are actually staying in Lincolnville, just north (or east?) of Camden.  We stopped in Belfast and had a great lunch and walked around the harbor a half hour or so before proceeding to Camden to meet up with Tom and Karen.

Two windjammers docked in Camden.

Rockport Harbor.

A unique manner of docking dinghies at the Rockport Boat Club.

An artistic (painted) treatment to one of my photos of
a cluster of dinghies taken in Rockport.

On Sunday we toured the Rockland area and a couple of lighthouses with Tom and Karen.

Owl's Head Harbor is primarily a working harbor for lobstermen.

A pile of colorful lines used on lobster traps.

Marshall Point Lighthouse on a perfectly clear day.

Camden is full of shops selling all kinds of wares.

Early on Monday morning we will be leaving for Baltimore and face the heat and humidity that we have totally missed here in Maine.

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