Friday, October 18, 2013


--Blog post written by Bob

This blog starts in mid-October 2013 as Maggie and I prepare our 38-ft sailboat, Rainy Days, for our retirement, cruising the Bahamas during future winters.  We plan to rent our house in Annapolis, Maryland year-by-year as we cruise and we will be coming back to Annapolis (or Maine) each summer (during hurricane season) and live on our sailboat in a marina.  We are not new to living aboard--I lived aboard s/v Rainy Days alone for 10 years before meeting Maggie and shortly thereafter we bought our house in Annapolis. 

A boat is a very small platform to live within.  Fortunately, living on a sailboat also involves living out of doors in good weather.  We will be sailing into warmer weather as we head south.

As sung by Jimmy Buffett:

"I'm going where the sun keeps shining
Through the pouring rain
Going where the weather suits my clothes."

I want this blog to be more than "about a sailboat" because it is also a personal journey from steady responsible jobs to a life without responsibilities, relatively speaking.  I will try to keep the blog posts in chronological order by date but not necessarily on a schedule.

S/V Rainy Days in Galesville, MD during preparation
I am a mechanical engineer and business owner while Maggie is an educator.  I am currently 66 years old and Maggie is 62 years old.  We expect to sail south in the fall of 2016, as of now but who knows we might move it up to the fall of 2015.  We want to live life to the fullest while we have good health.

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