Friday, November 15, 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Cruise the Bahamas

--Blog post written by Bob

1. Warm winters (daily highs near 80 degrees F and lows in the mid-60s during winter)
2. Beautiful clear water for snorkeling--we can do it almost everyday.
3. It's a doable adventure for us (not requiring long ocean passages).

4. We believe it provides a healthier lifestyle (active, stress-free, and being outdoors mostly).
5. Our plan allows us to sail another 10 years (as opposed to selling the boat).
6. We will be part of a community (cruisers). 
7. We will have regular socialization with like-minded people.
8. Our plan doesn't totally consume our nest egg.
9. We maintain relatively close proximity to the USA.
10. Our plan allows us to come back to Annapolis for the summer or spend the summer in Maine (and visit Annapolis twice a year traveling between the two destinations).

A rough representation of our intended route thru the Bahamas
 leaving and re-entering the US from West Palm Beach, FL.  

We will most likely stay in Georgetown, Exuma and 
Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco a month or two each.

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