Thursday, July 10, 2014

Month-long Sailing Trip: 

A Cat's Point of View

--Blog post written by Captain Jack & Lizzie

Captain Jack & Lizzie:  As cats, we are seldom given a choice about sailing.  We are forced into a car, taken from our perfect air-conditioned home to the boat where we have to endure all kinds of weather and hardships.

Captain Jack:  I lived on the boat after I was introduced to Bob at an adoption day at PetsMart.  Bunky was already living on the boat at that time and he showed me the ropes--not all of Bunky's lessons were good for me, as I later found out.  Maggie joined our little live-aboard family and she became my favorite.  Because we all lived aboard in a marina, the boat didn't leave the slip very often.  After one severe winter I heard Bob refer to as Snowmageddon, we all moved into a nice townhouse.  Life was great.  Shortly after we moved Bunky went to the vet and never came home again--I can't understand why.  A year passed, and then Lizzie joined us.  She looks a lot like Bunky but she has a very different personality.

Lizzie:  When I was 9 months old, I, too, was introduced to Bob & Maggie at an adoption day at PetsMart.  I didn't know that I would be joining another cat--one with poor eyesight at that.  Unlike Captain Jack, I love rides in the car, being on the boat, and the adventure of it all.  It was all new to me.

Captain Jack:  Recently we were brought to the boat like any other weekend but I noticed we had an awful lot more cat food packed than for a normal weekend.  Oh no, I heard Bob say it was going to be a month-long sailing trip!  After lots of commotion, I hear the motor start and I head down the steep companionway stairs, run forward and under the v-berth where I feel safe.

I feel safe in here--it seems that this space was made just for me.

Lizzie:  When I hear the motor start, I head up to the boat's cockpit so that I can see where we are going.  As long as I can find a shady spot in the cockpit, I'm fine, until nap time.

Captain Jack:  Nap time is most of the daylight hours, Lizzie.

The biggest danger I face sleeping just under the companionway is someone stepping on me.

Lizzie:  The first day of this adventure was very rough.  I slept under the dining table most of the day, what little sleep I could get with all the motion.  I was glad to hear the anchor drop and the motor turned off after the first long day.

Captain Jack:  As soon as the anchor drops and the motor shuts down, we both run for the cockpit to see what's nearby.  There were a lot of trees, big birds, and small schools of fish in the water.

Lizzie:  The next day we simply remained anchored--it was a nice peaceful day, until the thunderstorms came late in the afternoon.  We both hid under the v-berth during the thunderstorms.

Captain Jack:  The following day we made a short motoring trip to a marina.  I knew all about marinas and how nice it is to get off the boat in the evening and walk down the dock--Bunky taught me this.  However at this marina I couldn't jump off the boat--it was too far.  During the night, Lizzie tried but fell far short.  Uh oh.

Lizzie:  In the darkness, I misjudged the distance to the dock--I wasn't even close!  The next thing I knew I was swimming in the water.  There was no hope of getting back on the boat, so I just kept swimming and swimming--it seemed like hours.  When I was just about ready to give up I noticed a ledge near the edge of the water.  I made it to the ledge and let out a sigh of relief--but I still don't know how to get back to the boat.

The ledge along the bulkhead at the waterline was about 4 inches below the water
when I clung to it for dear life.

Captain Jack:  I tried to communicate to Bob & Maggie about Lizzie's fall but they just didn't understand me.  I was worried.  There was nothing I could do.

When Lizzie fell in the water, there's nothing I could do but worry.

Lizzie:  I was cold and felt lost.  I was scared of the intense lights that kept being directed at me.  I hear Bob's voice yelling for me and I answer the best I can.  The next thing I know Maggie is in the water with me, picking me up and handing me to Bob.  I am finally safe!

I was completely wet and smelled like dead fish. This is a humiliating picture of me!

More cat adventures await…It's getting a little crazy here in Crisfield.

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