Saturday, August 2, 2014

Some More Images

from our Month-long Sailing Trip

--Blogpost written by Bob

The following images from our recent month-long sailing trip just didn't make it into the narration as we went along but I think they are interesting and remind us of certain moments in our trip.  I think it is appropriate that the last image is a reflection that is turned upside down.

A sailboat sailing in 25 knot winds approaches the Chesapeake Bay
Bridge with its massive concrete foundation.  Cars and trucks cross the
bridge above, completely oblivious to what is going on below.  This is like 

the intersection of two different worlds.

A sunset from our cockpit while on a mooring buoy in Georgetown, Maryland.  We 
have remarked many times that at our house, we never even notice a sunset.

We flew our Maryland flag during the entire month-long sailing trip.

I like the simplicity and the geometry of this image--it was taken in Oxford.

Lizzie is always the huntress.  What in
the world would she do with a duck?

A white surrender flag from the crabs in the bay.

A foggy morning in Crisfield from our cockpit.  There is something
special about the stillness of a foggy morning.

Maggie placed her floppy beach hat on some pillows in our salon.

Lizzie is always able to find a cool, breezy spot in which to sleep.

When we were in a bumpy sea, the cats would seem to comfort each other.  They seem
to like being on the floor beneath the navigation station at times like this. Captain 

Jack is in the foreground while Lizzie is in the background.

This is a reflection of a sailboat in the water at Georgetown--the image is simply turned upside
down.  This is kind of like our feeling of "home" has been turned upside down after this trip.

I hope you enjoyed these images.  Thanks for following our blog!

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