Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2015 Summer Cruise: Planning

--Blogpost written by Bob

We saw our first sea nettles of the summer in the West River this week.  The presence of sea nettles generally means the end of swimming in the bay.  So, we switched our upcoming two-week sailing trip from going south to heading north.  Our northernmost destination will be Still Pond on the Eastern Shore.  

We are also experiencing some refrigeration problems which may cause changing the start date of our upcoming 2-week sailing trip.  This means our plan must be very flexible.

The red line on this chart shows the possible destinations 
but not in any particular order.

We're planning on six nights at anchor and nine nights in marinas.  The prevailing winds on the Chesapeake Bay are southwesterly.  I hope we can do a lot of sailing on this trip.

An afternoon thunderstorm approaches the marina as we plan our sailing trip.

Like any sailing trip, plans are always subject to change due to the wind direction, the weather conditions, or possibly because we're simply having way too much fun in one place and want to stay longer.

Our Very Flexible Itinerary

Anchorage in Whitehall Bay
Mooring buoy in Rock Hall (maybe 2 nights)
Anchorage in Chester River
Saturday, July 4: Slip in Baltimore
Slip in Baltimore 2 or 3 other days
Anchorage in Still Pond (maybe 2 nights)
Anchorage in Magothy River
Anchorage in Harness Creek off South 
Slip in Oxford
Anchorage in LaTrappe Creek off Choptank River
Return to Galesville

Captain Jack sleeping on the latest issue of Cruising Outpost.

We expect to be making blogposts during our cruise as WiFi signals allow.

Thanks for following our blog!

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