Friday, January 22, 2016


--Blogpost written by Bob

I have always worked to a schedule, start work at 8 AM and quit at 5 PM (and usually took work home with me).  Even my lunch time was usually taken between 12 and 1--I seldom stretched it further.  I would like to change my concept of time as I enter into the retirement phase of my life.  I don't know if I can fully accomplish my goal but I will certainly try. 

To make schedule less relevant, I decided to stop wearing my wrist watch
and use my iPhone alarms only for appointments that I can't afford to
miss.  I may use my iPhone reminders to make sure I get things
done that are important to me but not to keep me on any kind
of schedule.  Am I just trying to fool myself?

Our onboard "whatever clock" is a constant reminder of my goal to minimize
the impact of a schedule on my life.  Of course, this clock still has moving
hands that tell time--it's just that the numbers are all jumbled up. 

We now have fewer material possessions, just getting rid of a house full of them.  The challenge now is to live more in the moment and focus on life experiences.  I will revisit this goal from time to time here on our blog. 

Thanks for following our blog!

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