Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016-2017 Cruise Itinerary

--Blogpost written by Bob

We have established a general float plan and some milestone dates for our first year's cruising plans.  Keep in mind that the float plan and milestone dates may change due to weather or the captain's whim.  If you plan on visiting us somewhere along our route, please call us first to make sure exactly where we are going to be at any given time.

On the above chart, the red line is our general route in late-2016 
and the turquoise line is our general route in early-2017

Milestone Dates

September 29 - leave Baltimore, MD

September 30 thru October 2 - SCCA GAM in Mayo, MD

November 1 - leave Elizabeth City, NC on ICW 

Thanksgiving thru New Year's Day - St. Augustine, FL

Mid-January thru end of April - cruise northern Bahamas

May 1 - return to West Palm Beach, FL

June 1 thru June 15 - Galesville, MD

June 20 - return to Baltimore, MD

(Most of the above milestone dates are plus or minus
 one week--the earliest ones are the most accurate.)

Bahamas Cruising

While there is one (turquoise colored) line around the Abacos, our direction of travel will be determined when we leave West Palm Beach--it will depend on the most favorable point of clearing in, West End (northern route around Abacos) or Port Lucaya (southern route around Abacos).  In addition to the normal points of interest in the Abacos, we will be cruising the relatively remote Bight of Abaco (southwest side of Great Abaco) which is seldom explored by cruisers and, possibly, the sparsely populated Berry Islands (south of Grand Bahama).  Of course, our entire itinerary is dependent on the weather and is subject to change.  

Next year's trip will include Bimini (on the west edge of the Bahamas) and the Exumas (in the southern Bahamas.)

Embarkation is only one-month away!  We will continue blogging all along the way...

Thanks for following our blog!

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