Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Folly Beach - 2016

Nov 29 & Nov 30

Blogpost written by Bob

November 29 (Moving)

Tuesday was moving day for us, moving our personal effects and food items from our boat to our rented cottage.  We made two trips with our Rented SUV.  I couldn't believe we had so much stuff to move.  At the end of the day I felt like a worn out pack mule.

As the warm sun went down and the air cooled, a fog bank was
created over the beach. This fog bank with the setting
sun and people walking on the beach created
some surreal photo images.

Three people comb the beach for treasures.  Maggie
is the one in the center of the photograph.

November 30 (Boat Preparation)

I couldn't help but notice the environmental isolation of sleeping in the (air conditioned) oceanfront apartment compared to sleeping on our sailboat.  Very early in the morning, I turned off the A/C and opening the bedroom windows so that we can hear the ocean--it was a big improvement for me!

We decided to get up early and watch the sunrise from the beach this morning but Maggie wimped out and slept in instead.

Sunrise next to the Folly Beach Pier.  A fog bank
obscured the sun in the morning.

It's about a 40-minute drive from our rented oceanfront apartment in Folly Beach to Rockville SC where our boat is now located.  After the 40-minute drive and grabbing a breakfast sandwich along the way, we worked on preparations for the re-powering to make it easier for the boatyard.  We also had a few more things to move from the boat, mostly little things that we forgot the previous day.

We completely removed our hard dodger and all the soft window panels and folded the the frame forward.  (Remember, the engine is removed/replaced through the companionway.)   We removed some things that we had stored on the deck like our large fishing net (intended mostly for overboard cat retrieval) and our boarding ladder for the dinghy.  To prevent damage to our cockpit cushions, we stored them inside as well.

Inside the boat  we also removed the quarter berth cushions and navigation seat cushions and placed them in the v-berth.  We removed the drawer unit in the companionway area--its removal is necessary for engine access.  We didn't have to do all this work but I hope its saves us some money along the way.

In this photograph, the interior drawer unit and engine access
panels have been removed.  The engine must come
through this area on its way out. 

In the starboard cockpit locker, we removed the engine panel for
access during the re-powering.  The engine can't be lifted
through here but this allows the boatyard
workers better access to the engine.

I call this photograph the "dog walker" because moments before
this shot the dog ran off after a seagull.  This shot is after the
seagull flew away and the dog was back under control.


Our sailboat is now ready for haulout!  The haulout should occur tomorrow morning at high tide.  The new engine should be delivered by the end of this week.  There are some adaptor plates (I think for between the engine and the transmission) which are on back order--I hope this doesn't create delays.

For the next six weeks we will be here in Folly Beach and we will continue blogging from here.  Every couple or three days we will publish a new blogpost about our continuing adventure.

Thanks for following our blog!

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