Sunday, January 15, 2017

Folly Beach - 2017

Jan 13 thru Jan 15

--Blogpost written by Bob

It's almost the middle of January and we are anxious to get back to traveling south on the ICW with our final destination being the Bahamas.  

January 13

This colorful mural is on the side of a trailer at Crosby's
Seafood Company along Folly Road.

We had lunch at the Black Magic Cafe in Folly Beach on our way to Rockville to check on our sailboat.  We were very pleased with the progress and the boat will be splashed on Monday, January 16.  There are some minor jobs to be done during the early part of week and a sea trial is expected to be done on Wednesday, January 18.  We will be leaving from Rockville SC on Monday morning, January 23!

Matt working in starboard cockpit locker drilling and
tapping support bed for final four
engine mounting bolts

The area around the engine inside
the boat is a complete mess.

In the afternoon, I worked on our float plan for when we resume our trip south on the ICW.  We have planned stopovers in Fernandina Beach (1-1/2 days), St. Augustine (2 days), Titusville (1 night) and Vero Beach (2-1/2 days) before reaching Lake Worth Inlet near West Palm Beach.  We have 526 statute miles to go in 19 days (averaging just under 28 miles per day including stopover days in the average) until we reach our jump off point to the Bahamas.

January 14

We noticed the heavy traffic into Folly Beach yesterday, lots of people taking advantage of a warm long holiday weekend (MLK Jr Holiday on Monday).

We went out for lunch at a small local restaurant called Jack of Cups in Folly Beach.  We found it on TripAdvisor (it had the highest rating of any restaurant in Folly Beach) and we had to hunt it down because there was no obvious sign on the outside of the building.  A figurine sitting on the roof (shown below) was the only outside sign to the restaurant.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich that contained cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and mango chutney on toasted sourdough bread--a very tasty combination!  I also had a cup of peanut-ginger soup (which contained coconut milk, mild curry, cauliflower, and broccoli) which was unique and tasty!  All of the items on the menu were very eclectic and reasonably priced.

This figurine on the roof is the only outside
sign for the Jack of Cups restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant is nothing fancy
but the food is very creative and tasty!

There are some old building foundations on the northeast end
of Folly Island.  On an easily accessible area on one of
these foundations, graffiti artists have made images
over others.  This is where the multiple
layers of graffiti converge.

January 15

Today is Sunday but it seems just like any other day to us.  After lunch we drove to the county park at the southwest end of the island.  As we arrived, two power parachuters were landing.  This is the first time I have ever seen this!

The engine is worn on the operator's back like a backpack.
The powered parachute is controlled by
pulling on the control lines.

As we arrived at the park, two power parachuters landed.
They were able to take off from the beach and land
on the beach.  The propeller blades were made
from carbon fiber and the engines sizes
were 80 cc and 200 cc.

Tomorrow I will be visiting our sailboat as the re-powering is wrapping up...

Thanks for following our blog!

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