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Summer in Baltimore - 2017

Jun 26 thru Jun 30

--Blogpost written by Bob

On Monday, June 26, we removed the bimini-mounted solar panels and removed the bimini canvas and the connector to the dodger.  On the dock, we applied 3 coats of 303-brand waterproofing using a soft roller.  (The previous time we applied the same waterproofing material using a spray bottle--it only lasted 2 or 3 months.). By using a roller this time, we really were able to saturate the canvas (actually Sunbrella polyester fabric) from both sides.  We're hoping the result is much better this time around.  (The last time we coated the bimini and connector was in October 2015 and October 2016.  Both times the 303-brand water repellant was applied by spray bottle and didn't last very long.)  We recently purchased a gallon of the 303-brand water repellent in Annapolis for $110.  Later, we found it on Amazon for only $38.

Maggie is applying 303-brand water repellant to our bimini
canvas using a roller for maximum effect.

I continued to work on the stanchion base today, slowly removing segments of the old stanchion.  We decided to remove the stanchion base from the boat tomorrow morning so that we could completely remove the old stanchion.  This stanchion replacement is turning into a big project!

Captain Jack is sporting his new lion cut in the cockpit.
They hate being groomed but they love the results.

At the end of the day, we went to the pool and chilled (literally)--the water temperature in the pool seemed to be in the 60's.


Not able to get any more of the old stanchion out of the stanchion base, we decided to remove the stanchion base from the boat--this required two people, one inside and the other outside.  However, this proved to be very successful.  Once the stanchion base was removed, it was relatively easy to remove the last remnants of the old stanchion.  Upon re-installing the upper segment of the lifeline after we remounted the stanchion base, I found out that the threaded shank that threads into the forward turnbuckle was bent--this means I had to replace that segment of the lifeline.  A trip to West Marine's rigging shop in Annapolis solved this problem pretty quickly.

We added a simple piece of yacht cord tying the seat down to the seat
retainers to avoid losing the seat when the dinghy flexes
while being towed.  The seat come off once during
our recent Bahamas trip but, fortunately,
landed in the boat and not overboard.


It was cool last night--it got down to 60 degrees!  This morning, Wednesday, June 28, the skies were void of the usual summer haze.

Our "rainy days" burgee and the Maryland flag are flown from
our flag halyards while we are in Baltimore for the summer.

A mature black-crowned night heron sits on the finger pier.
It is surprising how much wildlife can tolerate
the environment in Baltimore Harbor.


Thursday, June 29, was our designated day to spend in Annapolis for lots of reasons, just one was to pick up the new lifeline that was made by West Marine's rigging shop.  We had a list of 10 items to accomplish and we did all of them!

This summer around the marina in Baltimore we noticed a lot less trash in the harbor.  This is due to a new Professor Trash Wheel that was installed at the junction of Harris Creek (a usual source of the trash in the marina area) and the Baltimore Harbor.  (You may recall my earlier blog post "Living Among Baltimore's Floating Trash" in February 2016.)

This is the head on view of Professor Trash Wheel with the
orange barriers that funnel the trash into its mouth.

This is the side view of the new Professor Trash Wheel with the solar
panels that provide the power for its operation facing south-
west.  Four pipe pilings at its four corners anchor
the trash wheel in position.


The afternoon temperatures reached 94 degrees F on Friday, June 30.  Today, I had to make an additional trip to West Marine's rigging shop in Annapolis to make a new 1-3/4-inch longer lifeline gate in order to complete the starboard lifeline reconstruction.

The new companionway step I've been varnishing all week
looks pretty good.  However, it makes the other teak
trim look like it needs attention now.

This is the end of the first half of 2017 already!  It is unbelievable how much work we have to do on the boat after our trip to the Bahamas and back...

Thanks for following our blog!

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