Monday, August 24, 2015

Disposing of Our Household Items

--Blogpost written by Bob

This is a very busy time at our house.  A master bathroom renovation will soon be complete, interior painting will start soon after, and then it will be carpet cleaning or carpet replacement.  We've replaced the oldest two appliances, stove and refrigerator, with new stainless steel versions.

We donated three file cabinets to a local school this week. 

As all this is happening, we're sorting our household items into six categories:
(1) staging - these items stay in the house until the house is sold
(2) sell - these can be sold immediately (eBay, Craig's List)
(3) store indefinitely - these items go into a local storage area
(4) donate - these can be donated immediately (Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity)
(5) disposal - these can be discarded or recycled as soon as possible
(6) gift - these go to friends & family as soon as possible.

A brand new stainless steel refrigerator (and stove) was delivered this week in
preparation for a quick sale of our house.  If buyers only knew how much
cleaning is involved in keeping them looking nice, I think most 

would switch to something else in a heartbeat. 

We spend a little time each evening and about half of both weekend days on sorting and executing actions to dispose of our household items.  We are now shooting for a mid-September open house, hoping that the last of the low mortgage interest rates (for a while anyway) will entice buyers to act quickly.

Once our house is sold, we will have to dispose of the furniture and other items we're using for staging.  

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