Saturday, March 19, 2016

Leading Lines Aft - Part 5

--Blogpost written by Bob

This is the final blogpost in the series for leading lines aft to the cockpit.  This blogpost covers the installation of our new mainsheet turning block base and cockpit line hangers.

New Mainsheet Turning Block Base

The mainsheet, rather than going through a rope clutch, is led to a dedicated self-tailing winch on the cabin top.  A turning block with an angled teak base, creates the proper feed angle to the winch while still grouping the incoming lines together. 

The old (teak) mainsheet turning block base is shown at the red arrow.

We decided to change the material of the angled base from teak to black plastic (King Starboard). The purpose for this change is to eliminate the annual maintenance on the teak base.

Because of the two additional rope clutches we've added, this turning block had to relocated slightly.

The new mainsheet turning block base was installed 
in a slightly different location because of the 
recent addition of two rope clutches.

Cockpit Line Hangers

In the past with only three or four lines led aft to the cockpit, we typically would hang multiple lines from the cleat on the cabin top. 

This photograph was taken before we decided to lead more lines
aft to the cockpit.  Now there are more lines led aft.  

The mesh bag is intended to hold instrument 
covers and other incidentals.

Now, we will have six lines plus two traveler control lines, eight total lines.  We now need a better way to store the excess lines in the cockpit.  We considered mesh bags, more cleats, and various devices to hang lines.  

During our research, we came across "Halyard Hangers" made by KVT Innovations.   They are simple and durable, constructed from type 316 stainless steel, and best of all, they are unobtrusive.  We purchased them through Amazon.

On the starboard we have one Halyard Hanger for the starboard mainsheet
traveler control line.  Note how simple the Halyard
Hanger is--it is a very elegant solution!

Because our companionway is offset to starboard, we have installed five
Halyard Hangers on the port side where most lines are now led aft.

We now have six lines led aft and two mainsheet traveler control lines in
the forward area of the cockpit.  The Halyard 

Hangers were a nice addition!


This completes this series of blogposts on leading lines aft.  There are a few little things I have yet to do, like add labels to the rope clutches and add whippings to the end of each of the lines.  I did not keep track of costs for this project.

Living aboard, we see this type of sunset almost every evening
and they are all different.  When was the last time
you took the time to appreciate a sunset?

Thanks for following our blog!

Addendum - March 25

I added the labels to the rope clutches--they use VHB tape for the
adhesive.  The labels were made by Quality
Signs & Engraving in Edgewater.

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