Friday, November 18, 2016

Isle of Palms - 2016

--Blogpost written by Bob

We are still in Isle of Palms, SC awaiting engine replacement.  We are making the most of our down time.  Our trip to Capers Island was one of the best adventures we have undertaken while here.

November 18 (Capers Island)

This afternoon we took an eco tour of Capers Island.  Capers Island is a barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean owned by the State of South Carolina--it is about 15 miles north of the city of Charleston.  Capers Island was named for Bishop William Theodotus Capers, a native of South Carolina.  Bulls Island, the barrier Island just to the north is part of The Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.  Both islands are protected from future development.

Capers Island is separated from Isle of Palms (where we
are now located) by Dewees Island.  Just to the north
of Capers Island is Bulls Island, part of Cape 

Romain National Wildlife Refuge. 

This image was from "Boneyard Beach" on Capers Island.  The
richness of the images (to a photographer)
was like sex for your eyes..

There were hundreds of images like this
one on Capers Island.

Another tree sculpture made by the sea.

This is "Boneyard Beach" looking back
into the setting sun.  To get good
photographs, you really had to
isolate a tree and look for an
angle that simplified
the image.

We had to leave the island by 5 PM.  We could have
stayed until daylight completely disappeared.

This photograph captures the beauty of the "low country."

This image is coming down the ICW from Capers Island
toward the Isle of Palms Marina.  You can see our
boat's mast on the left side of this image.

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