Saturday, December 31, 2016

Folly Beach - 2016

Dec 30 & Dec 31

--Blogpost written by Bob

This blogpost is for the last two days of 2016--our next blogpost will be in 2017.  We are still in Folly Beach and expect to be here for another 2 weeks as our boat's re-powering is being completed.

December 30

The islands in the middle of the salt marsh intrigue me for some reason.  The only difference between the salt marsh and the islands are four feet (or more) of elevation and the fact that they support trees.  Some islands are very small (1/4-acre or thereabouts) and some are very large with hundreds or thousands of acres.

A tiny island surrounded by salt marsh contains four
palm trees.  The spartina (the marsh grass) is
about 3 feet high while the land of the island
may be only 4 feet or so above high tide.

This is Bowen's Island Restaurant, located at the west end of
Bowen's Island.  Besides this restaurant, there are about
eight homes on the island with about a dozen new
town homes being constructed close to Folly
Road.  An elevated (dirt) access road
was made through the salt marsh.

By observing the following elevation map of Charleston, you can see why this area is called the "low country."

Elevation map of Charleston SC.  Note that the color
scale is in meters above sea level.

The large yellow area just below Charleston is James Island.  Folly Beach is just off the chart at the bottom.

Maggie's plane landed at 6:55 PM this evening and I picked her up at the Charleston airport.  We went out for dinner at La Fontana, a great Italian restaurant along Route 17.

December 31 (Last Day of 2016)

This is the most people we have seen on the beach
since we've been here in Folly Beach SC.  This
photograph was taken on the last day of 2016.

The last day of the year always forces me to think about new year's resolutions.  Unlike past years, my resolutions for this year are not measurable, instead, they are designed to be easily achievable.

2017 Resolutions:
Sail more.
Read more.
Make less money.
Improve my photography.
Be more creative with my blog.
Go shooting more frequently (in the summer)

Happy New Year and thanks for following our blog!

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